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Debes tener un espacio disponible de al menos 2. Uso de iCloud con datos móviles Si quieres limitar el uso de datos móviles, es recomendable usar iCloud para crear copias de seguridad solo mediante una conexión Wi-Fi. Importante : El proceso de restauración con iCloud conlleva los mismos requisitos que la creación de las copias de seguridad en iCloud.

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No es posible restaurar el historial de chats de otra cuenta de WhatsApp. Solución de problemas con iCloud Si tienes problemas para respaldar o restaurar tus chats mediante iCloud, es muy probable que se deba a un problema con tu cuenta de iCloud y no con WhatsApp. Si no puedes crear una copia de seguridad, intenta lo siguiente: Comprueba que iniciaste sesión con la cuenta de Apple ID que usas para acceder a iCloud. Intenta crear la copia de seguridad manual en otra red, preferiblemente la que usas con mayor frecuencia.

Intenta crear la copia de seguridad en otra red, preferiblemente la que usas con mayor frecuencia. Copia de seguridad en iPhone Si habías hecho una copia de seguridad de tu iPhone en iCloud o iTunes, es posible que puedas recuperar tus chats de WhatsApp si restauras la copia del iPhone.

Exportar chat Si quieres guardar un chat, puedes enviarte un historial correo electrónico de la siguiente manera: Abre el chat de WhatsApp que quieras enviar por correo electrónico. Pulsa el nombre del contacto o grupo en la parte superior de la pantalla. Pulsa Exportar chat.

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I backed up my old iPhone 5 on iTunes in my laptop as the phone has a hardware defect and needs to be replaced with a new unit. I made sureall was backed up in itunes. I now got the new unit and attemptied to restore the data backed up from the old unit, however, the data restore in iTunes is greyed so I assume the data was lost. Is it still possible to recover all the lost data back up? Hey Avenshen, I'd guess that's because the newer device is on an older version of iOS than your newer one. If that's the case, an update will resolve the issue.

If not, drop us a note and we'll get you sorted out. The files of my ipad get deleted. I already try the backup in itunes, but I dont have any backup there. All files are very important to me. Please help me.

Parte 1: ¿Cómo restaurar iPhone XS (Max) desde respaldo de iTunes?

Hi Carlo, that doesn't sound good. Have you manually checked your iTunes backup folder? There's guidance on how to find them, here. Failing that, do you have a a backup of your computer in Time Machine, or another backup service? Do your soft can extract any data? It certainly can. Try the free version linked to the side of this page, and reach out if you need help. Reach out to us directly on live chat and we'll guide you through it with a screen-share.

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What if I only can find status. The info. Is there any way to recreate them? Hi Johan: yes. Move your backup out safely to another folder, and then create a new backup. If the device contents are similar enough, you may be able to reuse those files. Good luck! I have updated my iphone to ios7 beta release and later on downgraded back to ios 6. But restore backup is not compatiable. Tried after changing Product version and Build Version in Info.

But now it says data is corrupt or not compatiable. Right, this is a problem for a number of users. We can help you patch your messages etc.

Hi, some how my iphone backup got corrupted. And so I tried to restore it with another back up, but it was my ipod backup and when i tried restoring it back it said "itunes could not restore the phone because the phone refused the request" and this is frustrating because it wont let me send any messages and all my contacts and stuff are gone. Hey Devin, drop us a note and we'll give you a hand with your backup.

There'll be a way!

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  • Dominic: see our article on resetting the restrictions passcode for a solution to this. My iPad had begun to have more and more apps crashed so I took it to the apple store. The genius read the incident report and said I had corrupt files so I needed to plug it into my MacBook and backup it up then reset the device. He said since the file would also be corrupted on the backup that I would need to start new instead of restore the backup.

    I did so and now I have a few apps that I have lost data from. I have since been informed that one app can't corrupt the whole iPad because of sandbox. So who do I believe and how do I proceed? I did try restoring the iPad's backup and the problem was still there so I reset and made new and that's where I'm at now.

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    • That's frustrating. Drop us a note directly and we'll help you recover that data.

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      It shouldn't be possible for any of your iOS apps to corrupt your backup. I use iPhone Backup Extractor to review the Backup file and it doesn't recognize the last backup taken before the upgrade. Nighto, this is because the previous backup can sometimes get overwritten after the upgrade Yes, I did say after! And yes, this does happen ever now and then. Without the manifests it can cause issues reading files, but iPhone Backup Extractor can certain find data without the manifests by using the File menu. However if data does exist in the backup, we are experts at extracting, so please contact our help desk for more information.

      Todos los derechos reservados. Términos y privacidad. Construido con en Londres. This is iPhone Backup Extractor, think of it as a "personal forensics" utility. It's pretty awesome. Jonathan Zdziarski. Información sobre nuestras API en reincubate. Utilizamos cookies para rastrear el uso y mejorar su experiencia. Inicio Caracteristicas Recuperar mensajes Recuperar contactos Recuperar WhatsApp Recuperar el código de tiempo de la pantalla Recuperar datos de iCloud Recuperar fotos borradas Descargar y transferir Fotos recuperación de copia de seguridad Recuperar datos de Apple Watch.